• How to get to Bingie Corner

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  • From Sydney or Canberra

    From Sydney or Canberra, drive south to the Princes Highway towards Batemans Bay.


    Bingie is approximately 35km south of Batemans Bay. After Batemans, the next village is Mogo and then the third town is Moruya (the main township close to Bingie and last stop for petrol and supermarkets).


    Head through Moruya for about 11km.


    The Bingie Road turnoff is at a small hamlet called Bergalia. When you see the signs for Bergalia, slow down and ensure you are in the left hand lane as the turn off comes up quite quickly.


    Turn down Bingie Road. It’s a windy road that goes for about 6km.


    Keep going until you come to its end – at a T intersection. The sign points you towards Mullimburra Point to the left and Bingie to the right. Turn right.


    There are three driveways on the left hand side. One at the crest of the hill and two close together down the dip. We are the third driveway/private road – there is a clutch of signs with numbers in their 500s on the post and a sign for Bingie Corner.


    Turn left into this private road. Bingie Corner is the last house on the right – you’ll drive all the way down the drive until you reach the coral trees. Veer to the right at the stone pile. You'll see the house.